Odds and Ends

Below are some miscellaneous items.

L/C Meter II

Realistic PRO-2026 Scanner and Deviation Monitor

Calibrating the Deviation Monitor

Realistic PRO-2026 Scanner for Tuning Cavity Filters

Yaesu FRG-9600 Receiver

Heathkit Reflected Power Meter - Model HM-15

High Frequency AM Equipment (DX60B)

Blank Log Sheet

Realistic DX-440 Receiver plus External Attenuator (PDF)

Eico Model 221 VTVM

Drake R-4B Schematic

Drake T-4XB Schematic

Allied AX-190 Receiver

Western Electric & Northern Electric Tubes (PDF)

Heathkit DX60B Function Switch Mod. (PDF)

Baofeng UV-82 Dual Band FM Transceiver (PDF)

A High Stability 10 MHz Reference Oscillator (PDF)

Setting Analogue FM Repeater Deviation (PDF)

Checking Wattmeter Accuracy (PDF)

Ballantine 323 Voltmeter - Battery Substitution (PDF)

MFJ-941C Versa Tuner II (PDF)

Using WSJT-X with SDRUNO and RSP1A (PDF)

Using the RSP-1A for Frequency Measurements and Calibration (PDF)

Another HF RF Sampler (PDF)

Using WSJT-X with a WEBSDR (PDF)

FT-8, Audio Frequency Harmonics, IC-7300 (PDF)

A Very Low Power Contact

Mastercraft DMM

Eico 377 Audio Generator

Boat Anchor Parts - A Supplier Review

Heathkit VF-1 VFO

Honda Generator EM500

Eico 720 Transmitter with Modulator

RF Sampling Unit

VHF/UHF Diode Noise Source

Boonton Q190A Q Meter

Drake T-4XB HF Transmitter

A BFO for the Allied AX-190 Receiver

MFJ-260 Dummy Load (PDF)

La Crosse WT-8005U Clock (PDF)

Trio 9R-59D HF Receiver (PDF)

Force 12 Sigma 5 & GT-5 Antenna Manual (PDF)

FM Carrier Null Calculator

An RF Sampler for HF Transmitters (PDF)

Checking the isolation of the Heathkit HD-1234 coaxial switch (PDF)

Vintage 2 Meter and HF RTTY Set-up (PDF)

The ICOM IC-7300 and the BM800 Type Microphone (PDF)

A Comparison of 3 Vintage Receivers (PDF)

An HP 5245L Electronic Counter (PDF)

SDRuno with an External AFSK Decoder (PDF)

Marathon Atomic Self-setting Clock (PDF)

Gotrax EBE-8 E-Bike Review (PDF)