VE6PAX Photos

The VE6PAX Repeater | Motorola Non-Unified Micor
Site VHF Line-up including VE6PAX
VE6PAX Multicoupling  | Sinclair C-2037's
VE6PAX Receive Antenna  | SRL-210-C4
VE6PAX Transmit Antenna  | SRL-235-2

Some of my older HF Equipment

Kenwood TS-820 and SP-820
Drake R-4B Receiver
Drake T-4XB Transmitter
Drake MS-4 Speaker
Heathkit DX60B Transmitter
Heathkit HG10B VFO
Heathkit VF-1 VFO
Eico 720 Transmitter
Eico 730 AM Modulator
Kenwood and Drake Equipment

Motorola Photos

Test Equipment
Odd Stuff

Amateur Radio Equipment Photos

Kenwood Photos
Icom Photos

VE6KQ Tower and Ham Shack Photo

Tower Photo
Ham Shack Photo

Miscellaneous Photos

Car Photos