Space Weather

The following information and links may be of interest to some Amateurs.

The Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (DRAO) Canadian Flag collects the Solar Flux data supplied to NOAA. DRAO is also the home of the CHIME radio telescope.

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Click here for 27-day Space Weather Solar Flux Outlook Table.

Click here for the Solar Cycle Progression from NOAA.

Click here for AMSAT Satellite Pass Predictions.

Space Weather Continued...

VHF Aurora: Status
144 MHz Es in EU: Status
70 MHz Es in EU: Status
50 MHz Es in EU: Status
144 MHz Es in NA: Status

The above from The DXrobot.

Latest Sunspot Image from SOHO

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K Index and Ovation Aurora Model

Click for explanation Ovation Aurora model

Here is a link to the Space Weather Prediction Center.

Space Weather Services - Hourly Area Prediction

Below is an HF predicted propagation plot for the Seattle area. For other areas, click on this link. Colors indicate the recommended frequencies.

Propagation model

Credit HF

Current Sun View of Earth

Earth as it would appear from the Sun when this page was loaded.

This view does not update automatically. Click on browser refresh to update. Credit the website.