Area Weather

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For Environment Canada's Calgary and Area Weather Radar click on the icon. Weather Radar

For Environment Canada's Calgary Weather Forecast click on the icon. Environment Canada

Here is a link to a local Amateur (not Ham) weather site that supplies near real time temperature and other data.
Click on the icon. Calgary Weather Page

For a current provincial weather summary click on the icon. Wunderground

Calgary Sunrise/Sunset Plus

Sunrise Sunset Calender - 2019

Day/Night Transition

Day/Night Transition

The above shows day/night transition as viewed from a position directly above Calgary Alberta. Current cloud cover is also shown. Surface colours indicate temperature. The image will not update automatically. For an alternate view with auto update click here. Credit the website.

Calgary Clear Sky Chart

Click here for a link that provides forecasts for atmospheric clarity for the city of Calgary. This may be of some use for those who are interested, for example, in general astronomy, viewing forecasted auroras, or Space Station passes etc. This link to provides viewing times for a few of the more interesting satellites that pass over Calgary.