Motorola Odd Stuff

Here is a photo of some specialized Motorola items.

  1. This is a tool used to remove locks from Motorola radios such as the Mocom 70.
  2. This tool is used when working on the varactor triplers used in early Mocom 70 UHF radios.
  3. This is a card puller used on radios such as MSR2000 and Micor repeater control shelves.
  4. This is use to remove pins on connectors that are used, for example, on Micor mobile control head cables.
  5. This is a transformer/adapter used when servicing an HT220 handheld radio. It is used when replacing the antenna with a load or connecting a cable to a signal source.
  6. This tool is used when servicing the MX300 series handheld radios. One end I believe is used to remove or install the fuse cover and the other to remove or install the antenna connector.
  7. The TEK-10 probe appears to have a capacitor around 0.002 mf between the probe tip and the SO239 connector and approximately a 50 Ohm resistor between the SO239 centre pin and ground. I do not know what instrument it was typically used with.

Many years ago Motorola produced a number of small individual boxes used to test various items. All the boxes were similar in appearance. One box had a meter and was used with a diode probe. Another was a pulse generator used to check low band radio noise blankers or as Motorola likes to call them Extenders. There were several other boxes produced for other applications. Shown below is a TEK 1A Tone Generator.

I have two of these Tone Generators. As a side note, the performances of both are a little disappointing. The frequency accuracy is not all that good and the distortion measured on the one above is 6.2% at the 1000Hz position and 2.3% at the 400 Hz position. The distortion was measured across a 1000 Ohm load. The performance must have been good enough for their intended use but it is a little puzzling why they did not finish the job and make the tone generator capable of producing a decent sign wave output.

Here is another box sample. This one is a TEK 20 PL Tone Generator.