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Have been licensed since 1963 and more or less active ever since. Interest has varied over the years from weak signal work mainly on 2 meters, early satellite work, keeping vintage equipment on the air and lately some digital operations.

I collect test equipment and with it have managed to keep the old radio equipment operational. This equipment includes the Drake twins, R4B, T4XB with the MS4 speaker, two Yaesu FT-101Es, a Kenwood TS820 that I bought new. Other equipment includes an EICO 720 transmitter with 730 plate modulator, Heathkit DX 60B with various VFOs and lots of other miscellaneous items.

More modern equipment includes an ICOM 7300 and an SDRPLAY RSP1A SDR receiver. The equipment set up now in the HAM shack are the Drake twins, one of the FT101Es with a Realistic AX-190 receiver that I sometimes use for split operation. The ICOM 7300 is set up with various monitors and is used mainly for FT-8. HF antennas include a Mosley tri-band beam and a 40 meter inverted V.

Amateur radio station VE6KQ is located in southeast Calgary Alberta Canada. The VE6KQ 444.750 + 5 MHz FM repeater is also located here. Leave a 110.9 PL tone enabled on your transmitter although it is normally not required for repeater operation. Do not enable your receiver PL (CTCSS). The repeater has been in operation for 34 years. Additional repeater information is available by clicking on the Past Projects buttons. VE6KQ repeater coverage maps are available.

For QSO confirmation I use eQSL.

To see if you have eQSLs waiting, enter your call sign in the box below and click Check.

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