The first two maps below were produced using the Radio Mobile software. Orange indicates mobile coverage and green portable coverage. With the top map the prediction assumed 90% worst case coverage and the next map 80% worst case coverage. Worst case refers to the differences between the talkback and talkout to and from the repeater. For example, a portable may receiver the repeater better than the repeater can receive it.

Mobile data entered was for 30 Watts output and a roof mounted 3 dBd antenna. The portable, 2 Watts output and a -10 dBd antenna. The coverage indicated appears to be quite accurate as compared with empirical observations taken over the years.

The map below was developed using the Radio Mobile on-line software. This software required fewer data inputs than the above so I assume the prediction may not be quite as accurate. The green is 90% reliability for mobile coverage and the yellow is 10 percent less. Transmit power use for the calculations was 20 Watts and mobile antenna gain was 4 dBd.